Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Most letters start with hi,hello among other greetings but i wont start with any of those but i am going to start with this question, Did you make it ? I just don't want to be ordinary but as most of you know , we are chasing the world that we make it a better place to live so if i start with such a greeting or whatever you can call it i think i am on track as i always want to be driven by success . I just don't want to be called a failure neither should you but in order not to be called that, we have to fight hard and move to that entrepreneurial class which changes the world with great business minds but not to be changed by the world and fall in its pits of suffering characterized with joblessness yet we have our great minds that can always lead us the right way . The way that those we look up to took and successfully became rich citizens and to be sincere they deserve it because they worked for it and have maintained it. With that, the fight should be how to maintain money because i believe people make money but their greatest challenge is to maintain it . i don't mean not to spend it but where to put it at its best use that you reap profits out of it and blessings that can help you sustain a successful life. Success Every one.............................................................................................
You will never believe it till you believe in your self that you will make it and don't feel satisfied because the world has never given enough it gives the more if you work more so it always gives you if you ask it. i know your asking how do you ask the world to give you ? its simple, work hard that's the same as asking it and it will reply you with blessings of riches but out of your own effort.Nothing comes for free unless otherwise so i am looking forward to seeing successful minds out of their great work. Don't forget.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


I just don't it but every time i get depressed i always do every thing the right way yet i always wish to be the same person to every one .
They say its never too late to do certain thing but i think its always the desire to do some thing and the effort you put in that will always get you going ,if you have any you can tell me and i also get to understand certain principles .
We should always appreciate so i highly appreciate any feed back from any one out there,you make me what i am though i went through some lessons to become what i am at home school and the community at large.
I cant make it is a thing of the past so i believe in succeeding so should you because the world is moved in a positive position if you stand and believe in positive change like the successful people out there who stood on their feet and decided to change the world and move the positive way. We admire them but we can be them and also by pass them if we do what we are supposed to do.

Live to be remembered for what you left behind that the legacy continues and be the talked about for the positive change you brought to the world but not the curses you left behind. A good reputation is not easily built but is very easy to destroy and hard to repair. Building a strong brand requires a lot of effort and sacrifice so fore go all and build what you want your self,the community and all those caring. I cant go on writing on but i am always on the move to change the world.